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the #1 free VPS Server provider on the net!

We are a subsidary to a reputable vps server provider in the US. Our task is to ensure keeping the servers of our parent company busy by reducing over capacities that would cause additional maintenance costs. Our Mission is your profit as we reduce this extra capacities by giving out free Windows VPS hosting packages!

Currently the vps server specifications are as follows:

  • 256MB dedicated RAM
  • 16GB of RAID Disk Space
  • 500GB monthly Bandwidth
  • 100Mbit Connection
  • Windows Server 2008 OS

In order to receive one of our free VPS hosting packages, you must register with our website. As long as there are packages available your VPS will be set-up instantly, however there is a slight change that our stock is exhausted to the max at the time of sign-up, then you will get your free server as soon as we have slots available.
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